Meet the artists

Alchemy tintype is a collaborative artistic endeavor between three Portland artists who share a passion for alternative processes, education, and community. We love working together to share our passion for wetplate collodion with our community: be it through commissioned portraits or workshops for photographers.


Ashley Jennings

Ashley began her love of alternative processes in 2007, when she studied them during a semester abroad in Italy. Although she splits her time between commercial digital photography and fine art, film photography and alternative processes have always been her passion. For Ashley, seeing a great plate emerge in the fixer feels akin to a five-year-old's Christmas morning.


Katharine T.  Jacobs

Katharine has been a large format photographer since 2006, mainly using Polaroid and negative based films to make portraits. She studied alternative process photography during her time at Oregon College of Art and Craft but it wasn’t until she began to collaborate with Ray and Ashley that wet plate collodion became a part of her photographic arsenal. The raw and unique qualities that tintypes produce is unachievable by any other process she has applied in her fine art work. This unknown and eerie beauty keeps her intrigued to make more.